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Pioneered by Jenny Hardman, Director Development Academy is a business coaching program and community with a difference – growth should be fun! Both business and personal growth sound like hard work but DDA strongly believes that achieving your goals and scaling up should be enjoyable.

Sure, it’s hard work but why punish yourself unnecessarily? Equipping yourself with the right tools and being around other go-getters enables you to grow more effectively. Our approach promotes a blend between work and life, a focus on well-being and of course, the fun factor.

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Any Of This Familiar?

If even one of these points feels familiar, Director Development Academy membership would be worth its weight in gold. Would resolving even one of these stumbling blocks be worth a couple of quid a day? Of course it would. Now imagine being a superstar at ALL of them – that’s value.

  • Business is a lonely place and you struggle to stay motivated

  • Actively trying to grow your business but are left feeling frustrated

  • Working too many hours and not having time for you or your family

  • Not knowing what resources to use or where to turn

  • Spending time and money on marketing that’s not generating leads

  • Not making enough profit and don’t have the lifestyle you want

  • Constantly exhausted and cannot switch off

  • Struggling to meet the right contacts who can open new doors

  • Feeling generally shit about it all and needing some firm, but friendly, motivation


Want to try before you buy? Get a feel for the flavour of our community and learning materials by joining our free Facebook group. Membership gives you instant access to an exclusive six step video on target clients, plus the opportunity to mingle with our community of likeminded people.

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Jenny hardman coach extrodinaire

DDA creator, Jenny wears many hats – business coach, mentor, friend, inspirational superstar…she’s also partial to actual hats. A successful entrepreneur herself, Jenny has experienced the highs and lows of growth, overcome difficult personal challenges, and developed the skills to basically pull it all together and succeed.

An award-winning coach and trainer, Jenny herself presents many traits of neurodiversity which she believes is just a different cognitive process to those who are neurotypical. She now uses her resilience and survival skills to help others achieve the same success in both their professional and personal lives.

A combination of online learning, coaching and a community that raises each other up, DDA membership is exclusively for business owners wanting to achieve high growth both personally and professionally. Not for the faint hearted, our executive coaching is for those ready to soar.

Membership gives you instant access to a wealth of resources, exclusive content, certified business coaches, plus our legendary weekly group sessions. Worth over 12K, everything you need to take your business to the next level is available for one mega low monthly fee. And plenty of fun! 


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