I mean, who wouldn’t want to marry me?

I’m amazing and have so much to offer right?

Hmm slightly pig headed to think that as I am clearly slightly biased!

The thing is, I’m not everyone’s taste, some don’t like the way I look, the way I dress or the way I speak.

So why would I expect someone to marry me before a first date?

I wouldn’t!

I once got proposed to on a second date and that scared the shit out of me enough to cry and hit the block button!!

Let’s look at this a little deeper, in life, when looking for someone to invest our time into, we take our time, do nice things, ‘good morning beautiful’ texts (I don’t get these by the way, I get ‘battery fully charged, please remove charger’ ????)

We call them, let them know we’re thinking of them, that we care for them, try and help them with challenges that they have and we spend our time getting to know this person in the vain hope that they may reciprocate the actions and feelings.

We don’t go into that environment expecting marriage before we have met right?

So why do you do it in business?

Asking for a sale before you know anything about your prospect, their wants, their needs or even what they like!

I mean if you’re selling printer paper, yeah, pretty much everyone needs that, or cakes, everyone needs cakes but what type of cake? How much cake? When do they want the cake?

You get where I’m going?

Purchasing is an emotional response, especially when it’s not a £2 product. Your potential clients need to know that it’s a worth while investment and they want to know what benefit having your product or service has for them personally!

Each and every day I get connection requests and within a couple of hours BAM the proposal is there

“Hi Jenny

Wanna buy my shit?”

Hmmm no because I don’t want your shit, I don’t like your shit and I don’t even need your shit!

BUT if you had taken the time to communicate with me, I would have passed you onto someone who does need your shit, if I knew what your shit does ????

Get me?

Don’t propose until you have some sign that they would like to marry you or you will just be left broken hearted and wondering what you did wrong.

All you needed to do was be interested in them and show how you can offer a solution to their challenge ????

Much love and happy proposing

P.S. I don’t want to marry you unless you make me feel special